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Welcome to the Khao Sok Riverfront Resort Hotel – Khao Sok Thailand

Are you visiting Southern Thailand? Experience the luxury of nature in Khao Sok Thailand. Trek through jungles where you can still see wild animals in their natural habitats. Explore the lake. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime. The Khao Sok Riverfront Resort is one of the best Khao Sok national park accommodations. Our Khao Sok hotel is also situated right on the Sok River. It is set in exotic gardens surrounded by the peaceful sights and sounds of nature. This is the perfect Khao Sok hotel. Ideally situated to explore the wonders of the Khao Sok Nationalpark and Cheow Lan Lake. Our many tour packages combine your accommodation with local activities such as bathing elephants and overnight tours to the raft houses or floating bungalows.

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Khao Sok Riverfront Resort Accommodation

Khao Sok Riverfront Resort offers safe, comfortable and spacious cottage style accommodation. The hotel has a selection of fan and air-conditioned bungalows with beds for one to four people per room.  These are therefore perfect for groups and family accommodation.  Couples and those travelling alone will also enjoy spacious, comfortable rooms and facilities. Find out more here about this hidden gem in Khao Sok Thailand. The perfect Khao Sok national park hotel.

Tours and Activities

We will also make sure you find the best things to do in Khao Sok. Some popular experiences include canoeing, elephant bathing, trekking, and trips to the Khao Sok Lake. Our friendly staff will help you to plan all your Khao Sok tours and activities. Let us know which tours you are interested in and when you plan to be here.  We will then take care of all the details for you.
We look forward to welcoming you to The Khao Sok Riverfront resort hotel.







Khao Sok Accommodation

We have accommodation to suit all travellers. Our Khao Sok hotel offers a fine restaurant & bar, massage pavilion and swimming.

Khao Sok National Park

The National Park features the Cheow Lan Lake. The lake and surrounding friendly forests create a natural playground.

Khao Sok Tours

We have a selection of Tours designed to maximize your National Park and Cheow Lan Lake experience.

Khao Sok Activities

Canoe down the river. Swim with elephants. Learn Thai cooking. Relax in hot springs and experience genuine Thai massage. Find out more …

Khao Sok Riverfront Resort is your one stop shop to make the most of your Khao Sok adventure.

For the very best value possible chose our inclusive packages.  

They start with comfortable and affordable accommodation.  

Then we include the best National Park Hikes and Cheow Lan Lake tours.  

On top of that we include free breakfast.


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Khao Sok nationalpark

Most people coming to this part of the world are drawn to the Khao Sok nationalpark. It is a haven for wildlife and still manages to cater for the annual influx of tourists without ever being crowded. The Cheow Lan lake is the main point of interest for most visitors. Even though it is not the largest national park in Southern Thailand it still covers a vast area. Because of the lake and the terrain many parts are not easy to get to. You can therefore still trek to remote areas that are seldom visited by tourists. Naturally you will discover more wild animals and exotic plants the deeper you go into the park. For the most adventurous trekkers we can provide experienced guides that will take you to the furthest corners. However please note that these more extreme treks do require a certain level of fitness.

Nowadays the park is a natural playground that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. In the past the area was only really suitable for the most adventurous travellers. However there are now so many comfortable accommodations and child friendly activities that it is has become a wonderful family holiday destination.

Khao Sok national park hotel

What can really make your visit is choosing the right Khao Sok hotel. Our Riverfront Resort is a spectacular place to stay. It is also perfectly situated just outside the gates to the park. You will be glad of the comfortable rooms, air conditioning and super facilities. The Khao Sok nationalpark is a rugged place and whilst offering spectacular experiences it is quite demanding. You will find that the floating bungalows and raft houses are quite rustic. They are perfect for a night or 2. However you will be glad to return to all the home comforts of our Khao Sok national park accommodations.

Relax on your balcony. Enjoy the yummy food in our restaurant. Share a beer and join in the conversation with the ever present relaxing sounds of the river, animals and insects. Our comfortable cottages and excellent facilities make our Khao Sok hotel ideal for families and children.

Eco Tourism

We support Eco tourism so we employ local people wherever possible. This is what we are all about. We care about sustaining the environment and providing employment to local people. Wherever possible we source materials, food and services locally. Fortunately that takes care of many things. This area produces wonderful fruits and vegetables.

The locals have skills developed over generations of inhabiting this amazing wonderland. Many now use these skills guiding trekkers through the forests. They will show you many of the skills needed to survive in the jungle, mountains and rivers that make up Khao Sok. Even on a gentle trek you can experience jungle cooking, for example. No pots and pans required. Everything sourced from the ever giving jungle.

Our bungalows and cottages use locally sourced renewable timber. Our grounds are an exotic garden shaped by the surrounding nature.

Tours and Information

Our staff love to show off their ‘home’. They will organize the tours and activities that are most suitable for you and your group. They will use their local knowledge to make sure that you get the most from your stay at this special Khao Sok national park hotel.

You will find lots of information throughout this website. Check out our blogs here. Learn about the Khao Sok national park and the Tours and activities available. Find out more about the Cheow Lan lake. Funnily enough visitors are often surprised at just how many things there are to do outside the park. We have arranged many local adventures for you to enjoy. Visit an elephant retirement park, go for an amazing bike ride, lounge in natural hot springs. Of course it would not be Thailand without Thai massage. Expert hands untangle knotted muscles and realign the energy lines.

All this and more is made easily available to you at our Khao Sok national park hotel. Do you have any questions? Our mantra – Just ask.