We combine accommodation with tours in our khao Sok packages. These all inclusive Khao Sok national park tours and accommodation are a good way to get the best price. They include breakfast and accommodation in twin, double, or triple rooms. We also include Khao Sok national park activities. No matter how many days in Khao Sok there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a Khao Sok 3 day tour or a single Khao Sok jungle tour you have come to right place. There are so many things to do in Khao Sok national park including staying at the famous Khao Sok national park floating bungalows. Our packages offer the best deals for any Khao Sok national park tours.

Prices do not include the entrance fee to the National Park. These are required for Khao Sok national park tours, hiking, lake tour, or night safari.

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 Khao Sok Packages

These are the best value when booking Khao Sok national park tours with accommodation.

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Khao Sok national park activities

The national park is a natural playground and therefore the main reason that people visit the area. It is centered on the Cheow Lan Lake. This 165 km² lake was created when the valley was dammed and flooded in 1982. This created a deep lake with many islands. In addition, dramatic karst cliffs rise straight out of the water. The area is covered in largely unspoiled forests and jungle and is also renowned for its teeming wildlife. this makes it perfect for anything from a Khao Sok jungle tour to an extended Khao Sok 3 day tour. It all depends on how many days in Khao Sok you have allocated to your Thailand holiday. Many visitors wished they had stayed longer having discovered this incredible part of the world. Here are just some of the Khao Sok national park activities on offer:

Khao Sok National Park Activities

things to do in Khao Sok National park

There are so many exciting and interesting things to do in Khao Sok national park.  Wander through extraordinary jungle forests on guided treks and hikes. Dive the deep clear waters of the lake. Enjoy canoeing and swimming. In addition, stay on the Khao Sok floating bungalows. Discover extraordinary animals and plants on a night safari. Any nature lover will find the park to be a paradise for birds as well as exotic and rare animals. Furthermore it features a large variety of plants including the enormous Rafflesia flower. The largest flower in the world.

Khao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows

khao sok national park floating bungalows

The Khao Sok national park bungalows have become a famous addition to Thailand travelers’ bucket lists. There is something very relaxing about gently floating on the calm and sheltered waters of the Cheow Lan Lake. They have been developed quite a bit over time. However you should understand that they still represent quite basic accommodation. Outside of that they feature excellent restaurants and bars. Additionally there are so many things to do from canoeing, diving, swimming and just messing about. Take a look at our Khao Sok packages for the best deals.

khao Sok Trekking

Khao Sok National Park Tours

Numerous treks are available. You can wander through largely unspoiled jungle. Khao Sok trekking is therefore a favourite for those wanting to explore this incredible landscape. Almost all Khao Sok national park tours will include a hike. Don’t worry they are not all super extreme. There are plenty of easier treks available. The variety and sheer number of animals and strange plants that you will discover when you are out in these incredible forests will amaze you. Take a refreshing dip in a mountain pool fed by a waterfall deep in the jungle. Search our Khao Sok packages for great deals.

Khao Sok National Park Tours

Khao Sok national park activities

We offer a variety of tours that combine many adventures so that you will get the most from your visit to Khao Sok. Choose from the Khao Sok packages on this page or ask our staff about Khao Sok national park tours when you arrive. Combine your Khao Sok national park activities with comfortable accommodation at our beautiful river front resort. We can include other adventures such as bathing with elephants as well and can arrange everything at the best prices.

How to to book the best Khao Sok national park tours

Whenever you go to a new destination it is hard to know that you are making the most of your visit. Did you ever go on holiday and find out later that you missed an amazing attraction? It is so  easy to do because we usually have a limited amount of time to explore new worlds. Here are some useful tips to make sure you don’t miss any of the best Khao Sok national park activities.

1. Research Khao Sok national park activities before you go

Use search engines to focus on the activities that you enjoy. This is a good way to start. Just combine an activity with the destination and then click search. For example scuba diving Khao Sok. By the way scuba diving in the lake is among the list of Khao Sok national park activities. The problem with this method is that it assumes you know the kinds of activities that actually exist in your holiday destination. Google is very good at offering alternative suggestions when you search.

Even so you might still miss something amazing. maybe you would do better searching for things to do in Khao Sok national park. You will find blogs such as the one highlighted which may help you find things to do that you never even thought of. you might also be looking for the more unique activities that don’t suit everyone. For example Khao Sok is a great destination for bird watchers. That may well not be listed as it is a less popular activity. Searching online is still a great place to start.

2. What do other people say about Khao Sok packages?

Check as many reviews as you can. Information from people that have been to a place is often most reliable. It is great when travelers take the time to share their experiences. It helps the people coming along after them. TripAdvisor is still recognized as a good place to start. By the way you can check some of ours here. Sometimes it is possible to contact the people that leave reviews so you can follow up on their reviews for more specific information.

Forums related to travel are also a good source of information. Again they have the human factor. Real people that actually visited a place. If you have specialist interests you will find forums on just about any activity in the world. Especially for more unique topics. It is usually free to join and ask the forum community for advice.

Travelers often take pride in getting the best value for their budget. Reviews and forums might therefore be just the place to discover the best Khao Sok packages that suit you.

3. Local information and advice

The best providers of accommodation, tours and activities are usually proud of the places they inhabit. They love showing off their little part of the world. They are therefore usually very happy to share their local knowledge with you. It is certainly true of the staff at Riverfront Resort. They are keen to give advice before and during your stay. You might need to understand if a Khao Sok 3 day tour includes or is the same as a Khao Sok jungle tour.

You might wonder how many days in Khao Sok you will need. It is annoying to find that you didn’t leave enough time to do everything you want to do. Or you might realize afterwards that in fact you could have managed with less time. By the way many people staying with us comment that they wish they had spent a bit longer with us. Our best advice is to get in touch and ask. We are always very happy to help you make the most of your stay with us.

It is best to use as many methods as possible to discover the best Khao Sok national park activities and packages. Do your research and find out what other people say and then contact the locals for the best advice. We hope you make the most of your visit to amazing Khao Sok.