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Riverfront Resort Khao Sok Tours

Riverfront Resort can arrange all your Khao Sok tours. Tour Khao Sok by elephant and canoe.  There are so many Khao Sok activities to enjoy during your visit. Relax with a traditional Thai massage or visit the nearby hot springs. For your Khao Sok elephant tour how about an elephant experience at the elephant retirement park? Let us take you hiking in the national park and introduce you to the many adventures available on the Cheow Lan lake.

Right by the Riverfront Resort is the Sok River. Explore it by river tubing or on a canoe trip or just enjoy a refreshing swim.

Tour Khao Sok

People come to Khao Sok because of the extraordinary beauty of the natural surroundings and the many activities that have been arranged to entertain and enlighten you. Tour Khao Sok and discover an unforgettable range of exotic, divers plants and flowers. Track down amazing animals, insects and birds.

We have all the knowledge and contacts needed to ensure that you get the most from your Khao Sok tours when you visit this part of Thailand.

Hands On

Khao Sok Hiking

Khao Sok Hiking Gallery

Half Day Hike

A half day hike the Thai Jungle is a great way to tour Khao Sok. The trails are open and not too steep. Starting from Khao Sok Park headquarters, walk over a small hill to the Sok River, winding through jungle and dense bamboo groves. At the river, stop for a snack break and an optional swim in the fresh, clear water. Leaf monkeys (also known as langurs) are commonly seen in the morning and afternoon. A guide is recommended, to help point out colorful birds and share jungle survival tips. Half day hikes are one of the most popular Khao Sok activities.

Difficulty: easy to moderate (depending on the trail)

Duration: 3-4 hours

What to bring: good shoes, water, insect repellent, swimming suit (optional).

Full Day Hike

Surprisingly, very few Khao Sok tours include a full day hike. To experience the deep jungle, this longer Khao Sok trek is highly recommended.  Giant banyan trees, cascading waterfalls, and idyllic swimming holes are the reward for a day’s walk. One of our guides will show the right trails, help spot wildlife, and share stories of life in the jungle. In the middle of the day, cool off with a dip in the river or hang out by the waterfall. Lunch is included, usually fried rice wrapped in a banana leaf.

Difficulty: moderate to difficult (depending on the trail)

Duration: 6-8 hours

What to bring: pants, snacks, light walking shoes (boots are too heavy), water, insect repellant, swimming suit.

Jungle Days, Jungle Nights Hike

This is a unique way to see the jungle by day and night, and avoid the crowds. The hike starts in the afternoon, takes a rest break by the river, and then finishes with a night safari on the way out. This is one of our most popular tours. Late afternoon is a good time for wildlife in the jungle, with several species of monkeys active in the trees. As dusk turns to night, the guide makes a fire to heat water and serve jungle tea. Tour Khao Sok under the cover of darkness, the beam of a headlamp reveals nocturnal wildlife.

Difficulty: easy to moderate (depending on the trail)

Duration: 5-6 hours

What to bring: good shoes, water, insect repellent, swimming suit (optional)

Night Safari

Khao Sok has a vibrant night life. No, not drinking in the bars, but hiking with a headlamp. Darkness in the jungle unveils strange new sights and sounds. The chorus of insects can at times sound like a car alarm or a gentle symphony. The guide’s well-trained eyes are useful for spotting wildlife and strange insects such as cicadas, praying mantis, and tarantulas. Commonly seen animals on these night safaris include owls, civet cats, and mouse deer.

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 2-3 hours

What to bring: good shoes, water, headlamp (can be borrowed from the resort).

Tour Khao Sok Lake

Khao Sok Lake Gallery

1 Day Khao Sok Lake Tour

This Khao Sok lake tour starts at 8:30am with a scenic van ride to the Rajapraba Dam. Board a long-tail boat for a visually spectacular ride across Khao Sok Lake, stopping at the Guilin viewpoint. Limestone mountains rise dramatically from the water, draped by jungle vines. Arrive at the floating bungalows for some free time to relax and swim before a delicious lunch of curry and veggies.  Next, hike into the rainforest and explore a river cave. End the day with a boat and van ride back to the resort, returning at roughly 6:00pm. These Khao Sok tours are with a group of 10-12 people and include an English speaking guide.

Difficulty: moderate if hiking, easy if not hiking

Duration: 9 hours

What to bring: swim suit, shoes that can get wet, water, insect repellent, sun protection, hat.

Overnight Khao Sok Lake Tour

This 2 day, 1 night tour joins with a group of 10-12 people, and includes a guide, meals, and overnight in the floating bungalows. This Khao Sok lake tour starts with a boat ride to the rafthouse, followed by lunch and a hike through the jungle and into a cave. After dinner, spend the in floating bamboo bungalows. The next morning, free time to swim, relax, and kayak followed by lunch and a boat ride to Guilin scenic area.  Please note that the floating bungalows are very rustic and have shared bathrooms. For more details, read this article about conditions for this Khao Sok tour.

Difficulty: moderate if hiking, easy if not hiking

Duration: starts at 9:00 on Day 1, ends at 14:00 on Day 2

What to bring: swim suit, torch (flashlight), shoes that can get wet, insect repellent, sun protection, hat.

Khao Sok Elephant Tour

Elephant Tour Gallery

Khao Sok Elephant Bath

Check out one of the most popular Khao Sok activities.Our Khao Sok elephant tour focuses on humane treatment, so we don’t support riding or elephant shows. Meet your elephant at the front of the park and get to know them by feeding some fruit and sugarcane. Then, walk with your elephant through the palm grove to the mud bath where they love to roll and play in the mud. You can join them, or simply experience the joy of watching elephants have fun. Finally, take a bath in clean water with your new elephant friend and splash around. The location of the elephant bath is truly stunning, and the treatment of the elephants is fully ethical.

Duration: 90 minutes

What to bring: swimming suit, shoes that can get wet, insect repellent

Khao Sok Elephant Tour – Incredible Elephant Experience

This is a unique opportunity to help care for Samba, a retired elephant. This Khao Sok elephant tour takes place at the elephant retirement park. Start by meeting Samba and her owner, and learn about Samba’s history working in tourist elephant camps. After a brief lesson in elephant language, help prepare fruits and special herbal vitamins to feed Samba. Head down to the river and help wash Samba in the water for an unforgettable experience.  Complete your Khao Sok elephant tour by saying goodbye to Samba and planting bananas and sugar cane in the elephant garden.

Duration: 3 hours

What to bring: swimming suit, shoes that can get wet, insect repellent

Khao Sok River

River Gallery


A canoe trip on the Sok River is one of the most popular Khao Sok tours. The gentle river winds past jungle trees, fruit farms, and huge cliff faces adorned with stalactites. Monkeys jump and play along the river bank. Each canoe fits 2 guests and is paddled by a local guide sitting at the back of the boat. The guide steers the boat, keeping you safe and dry. Tour Khao Sok by river with an experienced guide who will point out interesting sights such as monkeys, frogs, and the occasional snake sleeping in a tree.

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 2 hours

What to bring: sandals or rive shoes, swim suit (optional)

Khao Sok River Tubing

Since 1984, visitors and locals alike delight in riding down the river atop an inner tube (also known as an inflatable rubber ring).  Tubing is fun for all ages, a great way to tour Khao Sok while floating on the water.  The ride is mostly gentle, with a few small “rapids” that make for splashy fun. Monkeys are often seen leaping from tree to tree in the canopy above. Note: Tubing may not be available in the dry season months of December through May.

Difficulty: easy (but you must know how to swim)

Duration: 1-2 hours, depending on the river

What to bring: swim suit

Hands On

Hands On

Batik Handicraft Workshop

The art of batik is popular in Thailand, and fun for children and adults. Making batik is easy, and you will have a souvenir to remember Khao Sok. You start with a white t-shirt or piece of fabric. You then draw a design on the fabric or t-shirt, and use wax to outline your drawing. Next, color your drawing! Our staff can help you with the whole process. After you are done making your batik, we will wash it to set the colors.

Duration: 2-3 Hours

What to bring: your imagination

Thai Jungle Cooking Class

This very special cooking class takes place at a local family farm. Your hosts will teach you how to prepare a fresh Thai meal, using local plants such as a bamboo and banana leaf for cooking and serving. With a view of the cliffs of Khao Sok, you will learn to prepare a jungle meal in the same way that locals have been doing for centuries. Make rice in bamboo, learn the ingredients of a curry, and grill chicken marinated in tumeric. Then, enjoy your reward by eating a delicious meal.

Duration: 2-3 Hours

What to bring: a healthy appetite and a mouth ready for delicious flavors


Relax Gallery

Khao Sok Thai Massage

Thai massage is world famous for its relaxing, healthful effects. After a full day of Khao Sok tours, a massage is the perfect way to chill out. Thai massage is known for its focus on yoga-like stretching and deep tissue work. Our well trained local masseurs are experienced professionals.  Contrary to popular belief, Thai massage does not have to be painful. Our masseurs can keep the massage light and relaxing, or provide a level of deep tissue work similar to sports therapy.

Duration: 1 hour

What to bring: loose comfortable clothing

Hot Springs and Viewpoint

The geothermal hot springs in the nearby village of Rommani are a great place to relax. The style of the hot springs is more “modern spa” than “jungle.”  The hot springs are made of 4 separate pools, connected by concrete pathways. Each pool is a different temperature ranging from warm to very hot. The hot springs are popular with local villagers, so please dress modestly when visiting. Driving back to the resort, the road leads to a spectacular viewpoint looking over the Khao Sok valley.  Nearby, a waterfall cascades through the jungle.

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

What to bring: swimming suit, towel.

Book Khao Sok Tours – Riverfront Resort Packages

Riverfront Resort offer a selection of packages that combine great accommodation with these Khao Sok tours and activities.

Find them here

How to make the most of your time at Khao Sok

There are so many Khao Sok activities to choose from. You might have a limited time available here. Should you take a Khao Sok lake 2 day group safari or a simple Khao Sok lake tour? Did you realize just how much there was to do outside of the park? Are you traveling with young children? Do you have any ‘must do’ activities such as taking a Khao Sok elephant tour?

Probably the best way to think about it is having some time relaxing and enjoying local activities around the Riverfront Resort. Then think about how much time you want to spend in the wilds of the national park. If you have children then you might think that a Khao Sok lake 2 day group safari is a bit much. For your Khao Sok lake tour you might just look at 1 day Khao Sok lake tour instead.

What do we recommend?

We would suggest that you definitely try and include a Khao Sok elephant tour. These tours are a real elephant experience not just a show that you find in many parts of Thailand. We encourage you to really find out about these wonderful creatures. learn a bit about how they actually live and their special place in Thai culture.

The lake – The lake is an incredible feature. It is always fun to take a boat trip but on Cheow Lan lake you are never far from the shore. And the geography is simply spectacular. And you don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy the floating rafthouses. There are some excellent restaurants on them. Take the day trip and enjoy tasty meals at one of the floating restaurants.

Get to know the local nature. There are all kinds of jungle hikes available. Some are really easy and suitable for children. Some are real out there adventures. Enjoy the forests hiking with our experienced guides. They will show you so much and add so much to your experience among the plants and animals of Khao Sok.


Whatever you choose to include in your Khao Sok adventure our packages give you the perfect option. Combine your stay with us and your Khao Sok activities in our packages. The best part; you get to save money as well. For a short visit our Welcome tour might be just the thing. It can also be upgraded to include a Khao Sok elephant tour.

For more extended tours that include a Khao Sok lake 2 day group safari the 3 day, 2 night  Majestic tour might be more suitable.

Please take a look through our website and if you need further help get in touch.