Riverfront Resort’s Guide to Khao Sok Village

Much is written about the national park, but what about Khao Sok village? Locally, the village is known as Khlong Sok, because it is bisected by the Sok River. Riverfront Resort is an ideal location, nestled between the park and the river, yet right in the middle of Khao Sok village. From here, you can easily walk to the jungle, eat at a great restaurant, explore the river, and find transportation.

Where to eat in Khao Sok village?

Our own Rafflesia restaurant, café and bar is a very popular hangout. As the top-rated restaurant in Khao Sok, we serve an extensive and varied menu of both Thai and international dishes. Try one of our delicious smoothies. Are they the best in Thailand? We think so. You can enjoy a cool beer on the deck overlooking the river and watch the world go by.

You can also enjoy our free internet and catch up with friends and family on the web.

However you have many other choices. You will find an Italian Bistro and an Indian curry house. Many of the restaurants serve western dishes. And of course you will want to excite the taste buds with the many Thai options available. From roadside carts to funky Thai restaurants and cafes there is something for every taste and every budget.

As you wander through the village you will discover other resorts, hostels and guesthouses that have restaurants as well. Try Coco Hostel and Bakery for great value and variety as well as a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. There is nothing like hanging out and exchanging tips and tales with other travelers.

Khao Sok village restaurants

Fun in the Sok River

As you come out of the entrance to the resort and turn left you will cross over the bridge. This is a regular spot to start a canoe trip down the Sok River. You can float through the forest and resort grounds and into the countryside beyond. Your guide will gently paddle you through farms and plantations. Watch out for all the wildlife along the journey. You may well see monkeys, snakes, exotic birds and other animals lounging in the tree tops as you glide along.

When the river has plenty of water in it you can also take a tube ride down the river from the bridge. Great fun for all ages.

Canoe trip

Things to do in Khao Sok Village

Apart from the canoe and tubing adventures on the river you will find plenty of places to take a dip. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool water journeying down from the surrounding mountains. There are loads of great swimming opportunities.

How about joining with some retired elephants for an evening bath? You can do that at the local elephant sanctuary. No shows and elephant riding here. Much more rewarding is to help prepare their meals and then feed those gentle giants. Afterwards you are rewarded by an experience you will never forget – swimming with elephants.

Many visitors just enjoy wandering through Khao Sok village grabbing delicious snacks and browsing the shops along the way. These days you can buy many of the necessities that you need on the road. Make sure you grab the things you will need when you venture into the park. There are no shops in there!

Swimming in the River Sok


We can arrange a motorbike or scooter for you as well. This is a great way to venture a bit further afield. There are so many great drives along the country roads. Find temples and hot springs. Find the best scenic viewpoints and the sights and sounds of rural Thailand.

We can also provide bicycles. It is fun to gently cycle through the farms and forests surrounding the village.

If you have a phone with a Thai SIM card you will find that Google maps work fine around this area unless you venture too far away. It is so easy and great fun to just ride around the area.

For other adventures you can use the many minivans and trucks that carry people to and from the local attractions. Just ask at reception for helpful tips and easy and efficient service.

Khao Sok transport

Gateway to the national park

We are literally a few hundred meters from the gates to the national park. Most people coming here are looking to have adventures in the park and especially on the Cheow Lan Lake. The lake covers 615 km2 and is home to floating bungalows and restaurants. The boat rides take you through incredible scenery and stunning views. Being in the heart of Khao Sok village we can arrange everything for you. Just check out our tours here.

Khao Sok national park

Enjoy nature

You don’t have to venture into the park to enjoy hiking and nature in the forests and jungle though. We can arrange a night safari close to the village. The village is surrounded by nature. In fact you will find much of it right here in the village. However much of the extraordinary quantity and variety of wildlife is best experienced at night. Walking with an experienced guide armed with flashlights is an amazing experience. You will certainly be surprised at the sights and sounds you will discover just a short walk into the forest.

You can also hike along trails outside the park. We can show you just where to go. No need for a guide either. Unlike in the park you can wander along on your own. If you have been stuck inside somewhere these hikes will be a great chance to recharge, regenerate and get back to nature and the great outdoors.

Khao Sok nature

Khao Sok village – Conclusions

One of the things many travelers remark on in Thailand is how welcoming the local people are. That is never truer than in Khao Sok village. Unlike many tourist areas the people that work here live her. They were born here and take pride and enjoy sharing their part of the world with you. Perhaps that is the reason there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere everywhere you go. We certainly like to provide a great experience at Riverfront Resort.

Situated right at the center of the village we are the perfect base from which to explore. We can help you to make the most of your visit with local tips and inside knowledge. Of course we are happy to arrange all the details for your trip to the national park and the floating bungalows. If you are here already just ask at reception. Are you thinking of staying with us? We would be happy to welcome you. If you need any help or advice before arriving please contact us here.